Push Docker Images To Docker Hub

How To Push Docker Images To Docker Hub:

in the following steps i will show you how to push docker images to docker hub with an example. I have repository name called devops and my username is decodingdevops. i will push images devops repository in the following example.

Tag  Image:

the first step to push docker images to docker hub is, tagging the images with username/reponame:tag

docker tag

You can see in the image that I have two images names called JBoss and tomcat with tag name latest.

I will change the names of these images with docker tag command. docker tag command is used to change the name and tag of images.

docker tag abfa8fd9c0a7 decodingdevops/devops:jboss

docker tag 2a51bb06dc8b decodingdevops/devops:tomcat

here decodingdevops my docker hub login username and devops is my docker hub repo name. these both are common to all images. And for every image give a tagname.

Docker Login:

docker push images

To push your images to docker hub repository you must log in. For that, we use the docker login command. it will ask you username and password of your docker hub account. enter your username and password of your account you will be login.

Push Docker images To Docker-Hub:

push docker images to registry

To push your images use below command



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