Install Docker on Centos 7 6

Install Docker on Centos 7/6

Docker is a containerization tool that separates your application from your host system using containers and you can run your applications. containers are similar to virtual machines. in the following steps i will show you how to install docker on centos 7.

update all packages

by using above command you can update all packages in tour system. it will update every currently installed package in your centos.

install the required packages to install docker on centos 7/6

add the Docker yum repository

it will add docker-ce repo file(docker-ce.repo) in  /etc/yum.repos.d/  directory

docker repo is enabled in your system now you can install docker on centos 7

Install Docker on Centos 7/6

Install the latest version of Docker CE on centos 7/6 using the following command

Start the Docker daemon and enable

Using above commands docker service will start. And it will start automatically at the boot time.

verify that the Docker service is running

you can verify is docker service running or not by using status command

docker service is running. now we have successfully installed docker in centos 7

Run Docker commands without sudo

if you want to run docker commands you must have administrative privileges. so you can run docker commands with root user or sudo user. but using sudo every time is a tedious.
so to avoid this problem we can add user to docker group

now you can run docker commands without sudo

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