how to install docker compose

How To Install Docker Compose on Ubuntu


Docker compose is used to run multi-container docker applications, In docker compose to run these docker multi containers we use docker-compose.yml files. And by using this docker compose we can scale up the selected containers when required.

Prerequisite of docker compose is docker, So docker must be installed on your system.

You can check docker is installed or not by using docker info command or docker –version command

Or you can use docker info command

docker info

If you have not installed docker yet you can check the following link.

Install Docker Compose on Ubuntu

install docker compose by using below command

Set The Permissions:

Now you can check docker compose version with docker-compose version   command

Docker-Compose Version

now you can see above docker compose version is 1.22.0 now we can see how to update docker compose

Update Docker Compose:

to update docker compose to any version use below command

in the place of X mention your version number and run the command. it will update the docker compose version.


curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

now check the docker composer with docker compose version command

so to update the docker compose use any version number in the place of X.

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