Most Useful Git Branching Strategy or Git Work Flow

in this blog post I will tell you how i am implementing git strategy or git workflow  in my project and this is the most used git strategy or git workflow in any organisation.

in my project we have lot of repositories in git or bit-bucket

but we will work on any one of the repository

every repository has master branch, dev branch and lot of feature branches

our main production code will be in master branch

master and dev branch has the same code

My Git Branching Strategy Diagram



If we assigned to any task or bug fixes or modify the code

the first thing We will do is cloning the repository and then we will create feature branch under dev branch

You can refer here how to create feature branch in git or bitbucket

We will work on our feature branch and push the changes to my remote feature branch

after completion of my work I will create a pull request to dev branch

if my code looks good my senior will merge my feature branch into dev branch.


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